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Poultry Farms

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Poultry farming is one of the largest forms of animal agriculture in the U.S., and around the world. Poultry products constituted 22.5 percent of the $98 billion of farm products sold in 1997, during the last national agricultural census. Farmers bought, raised, sold or slaughtered broilers, layers and pullets-literally billions of these animals.

The poultry industry in the United States started on family farms in the midwestern states. Broilers were grown in small flocks and eggs were produced from small flocks providing a substantial source of "grocery money" to the farm housewife, according to Dale Hyatt, Research Service Farm Manager, at Texas A&M University.

The United States poultry industry began in the Midwestern states due to the concentration of grain production in this area. Improved transportation of grains enabled an eventual spread of the industry across the U.S, Hyatt notes.

In the early 1900's hen-hatched chicks were the primary source for replacement birds for the small farm flock. By 1928 about 43 percent of the chickens raised on farms were hatched under hens. Ten years later, 66 percent were bought as baby chicks, and by 1959 the percentage had risen to 96, says Hyatt.

Today, poultry farming takes place in virtually every corner of the country, with the Mid-Atlantic States of Maryland, Delaware and Virginia being especially poultry-intensive. Flat, temperate climates with ample farmland, and little chance of tornado, hurricane or earthquake damage make these areas perfect for it.

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